The disaster that is the Sundance Film Fest website

Whoever designed the Sundance Film Festival website should be fired. Now.

The festival website has always been abysmal, with irritating floating elements that block the text, bug-ridden javascript, frames, annoying videos, excessive and pointless imagery, and pathetic server performance. Every sin of bad web design has been violated in a most heinous and unforgivable way.

This year, the design gurus of the Sundance site (actually, I suspect they are aspiring gaffers or key grips) show that they are completely unrepentant. The 2008 film fest website is as unuseable as any in recent years. Bravo.

Today I was trying to look up what films had been announced. You would think information like this would be front and center at a website for a FILM FESTIVAL.

I waited and waited for a javascript to load from their webstats server (, which rendered all other interactive elements on the page inoperative. This include things like all links and navigation.

Aside: Yes, for all you B-listers hoping for a glance of Paris Hilton, films are actually shown during Sundance. Peel your face off the windows of the swag houses, take some super-B vitamins for your ailing liver and go see some. I promise you they will be at least as interesting as whatever ridiculous outfit fashion misfit Bai Ling throws together to walk through the snow.*

* On a related note: a few years ago, I was up on Woodside chopping ice and trying to find a place for my friend to park her truck. She’s pretty tough and doesn’t take much shit from people. My friend had pulled over into a snow drift to let another car pass (Woodside Ave is a nightmare in mid-winter).

Paris Hilton and her boytoy of the moment walked up the 2nd street stairs onto Woodside towards their Land Rover. To his credit, BoyToy asked my friend if she was stuck, not that he’d be of much help in his $12,000 virgin rhino loafers. Not knowing the royalty to which she was speaking, my friend asked incredulously, “Am I stuck”?

You could hear the follow up hanging in the air even if it wasn’t spoken: “What, are you stupid? Does it look like I’m stuck”? Too funny.