religion sandwich

People often categorize both Utah and Kansas as being religiously extreme, and for good reason. Kansas is backwardly so, what with its suburban megachurches and school board battles over "intelligent design". Utah of course is the reddest state in the union and home to the Mormon church. Utah spelled backwards is sometimes pronounced Hate-U. But the meat in this sandwhich is decidedly Colorado. Home to such illustrious figures as Ted Haggarty -- the meth-taking, gay prostitute frequenting hypocrite -- Colorado takes the crown as the bizarro religious capital of the country. Have a spin through the FM and listen to all the loonies if you want to see what I mean. Normally, these stations are confined to the lower reaches of the dial. Along Colorado's Front Range, they are all over the place. It makes it almost impossible to stumble on dangerous programming such as NPR. On a recent trip I listened to Dr. James Dobson rail against companies trying to be inclusive by using "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". This was characterized as a "War on Christmas". Is it really appropriate for a religious leader to use such a metaphor? Which century do this people live in? Further in which field is Dr. Dobson's degree? The only degreed people I know who insist on using the honorific when being addressed are MDs trying to maintain mystique, underachievers with weak egos, or those trying to get free upgrades on flights. I fall into the last category. It works.Aside from that, it's just plain pompous.