Penita -> Perula

Awoke to soaking wet tents and gear. Seafog rolled in during the night. Restful sleep to the nonstop thundering chorus of the break. Tents had inadvertently blocked the crab highway, introducing an unwelcome obstacle in their massive commute from the tops of the dunes to the sea.

Headed south from Penitas to the small beack community of Perula which – despite all the tourist hotels – feels almost deserted. Hard to imagine what live is like in these little beach towns during the *very* low season. We are the only guests at a local hotel, with a 3rd floor room overlooking a huge, gently sloping beach that extends almost as far as the eye can see.

We spend the afternoon eating grilled camerones and drinking cervezas then a few hours in the surf.

The pet parrots in the courtyard of the hotel settle down at dark but we continue our converstaion outside our room over “New Mix” accompanied by the sound of the waves.

Hard to imagine a more perfect day.

Playa Penitas

Writing this in the last light of the day. Now camped on Playa Penitas 100 KM south of P.V. Muy bonito!

Large, empty, half moon beach. Some new palapas were constructed in the waning hours of the afternoon in preparation for the upcoming Easter festivities. One of the locals was very friendly – even inviting us to sleep under his palapa – we declined, given the rather strong smell of trash coming from it…

Serious sea fog coming in off the ocean tonight. Visible layer of moisture. Everything is already soaked…

Left PV early to pick up groceries. Drove south to Playa Mayto, a huge deserted beach with rather frightening undertow/rip. Continued south to a small picaresque fishing village. Beers and filletes for a late lunch.

Travel day

Back up to PC late after some yoga tips from CL. Spent all night packing. 8 inches of new snow in PC overnight.

Barely made the 7:15 AM flight to Denver where I met up with Stan and Sarah. Arrived in Puerto Vallarta without incident, negotiated the first shucksterism while renting the car — a rather strong pitch to visit a separate time-share pitch. The amount crept upwards to $200 dollars + breakfast.

Did the usual first night drinking/walking. The streets of PV are packed with beet-red tourists.

Tomorrow – heading south (or maybe to the time share pitch…)