Toronto, Canada (04.27.2006 – 05.01.2006)

I spent the past four days in Toronto, attending the wedding of a friend, exploring the concrete canyons of Toronto, and catching up with my friend Patrick. I took only a handful of photos with my dying Powershot S100.
Toronto is an openly multicultural city. Sure cities like New York have an unbelievable diversity, but the sheer number of people and pace of life tends to smear the visible differences. Toronto feels very much like a mini-Manhatan to me, cleaner, and where the distinctions between cultures are more easily discernible. There also seems to be a huge number of young people here, at least on the Yonge shopping corridor.


Up early, early, early for jam packed Seattle to JFK flight. Jammed into the window seat but fortunately had an open middle seat. In this, the waning days of Song (Delta is retreating from its foray into budget airlines), the flight attendants were selling off the last of the Song-branded inflatable pillows. Investment opportunities around every corner. Quick commuter jet from JFK to Toronto. Now sitting in one of the hotel bars of the Delta Chelsea, downtown. It is filled with cornball canadians. They are so dorky and completely unhip, but ludicrously nice. It's like being around a bunch of Mormons, but without the proseltyzing and a whole heckuva lot more beer drinking, eh?