Monday: Hypothermic Bosphorus cruise

What started out as a promising day quickly turned cold. Up absurdly early again to put in a day's work before the day even begins. Grueling. Ran up and over Sultanahmet proper and down to the ferry terminal at Eminonu. Grabbed a ticket (roundtrip 10 YTL again!) for the Bosphorus sightseeing cruise to Anadalu Kavagi, a town on the cusp of the Black Sea. My turf, my waves It's a full house, complete tourist crush, but well worth it as the views are spectacular. I sit outside towards the back of the ferry. I like to hear and feel the roar of the motors. The trip up the Bosphorus is beautiful - warm and sunny. Stunning views of the various points of land that comprise Istanbul: Sultanahmet, the Golden Horn, Asian side, etc. We make several stops along the way, each of which looks interesting in its own right. Heading out to the Black Sea The final stop is the little seaside town of Anadalu Kavagi, just shy of the Black Sea. I quick walk up to the top of a hill leads to a ruined castle. The grounds are ruined, too, with trash strewn absolutely everywhere. At any rate, it's easy to see why a castle would have been situated here. There are views all the way to Istanbul to the south; to the north the mouth of the Black Sea. Huge ships loaded with flatbed truck containers cruise by at a steady clip. Midye, patlican kizartmasi, and Efes Lunch of fried midye (mussels) and patlican kizartmasi (eggplant and tomatoes) seaside. The ferry departs back for Istanbul as ominous clouds and a cold front blow in. An hour and a half later, I'm thoroughly frozen, having toughed it out and remained outside the whole time.