Jalisco, Mexico (03.30.2006 – 04.07.2006)

I spent the last week traveling along the Jalisco Coast of Mexico with my traveling companions Stan and Sarah. Camped on the beach, visited many small, picturesque villages, ate lots of seafood and drank many cervezas, and shared many laughs. Now en route back to denver from P.V. I'm bummed to be heading "home", all the more so by all of the obnoxious tourists at the airport. Definitely an element in me that felt like dashing out of the airport, leaving my bags, heading back to sayulita to hang out, surf, work on my spanish. Emailed S + S during a four hour beer soaked layover in Denver, bemoaning the excessively organized state of the U.S., the lack of life, vitality. Sarah replied that she and Stan had the exact same conversation on the way home. They had stoped for bad chinese food in a restaurant filled with unhappy people. She said it best: "Joyless Mediocrity". It's amazing how quickly we fal back into the trap. Back in the US now weight feeling heavy on my shoulders... Where is the chaos? Where is the heat? The blaring horns, the irregularity of life? Everything is so scripted here.