Marking your territory

Every morning, I walk into the little town on the affluent north shore of Long Island where I live to get a cup of coffee. Every morning, I walk past the chamber of commerce. And every morning there is fresh shit smeared on the wall about armpit high.

I found this to be quite vexing; yes, I was quite vexed. If you visit, I’ll show it to you, and I think that you too will be equally vexed.

Recently, I learned that this scatalogical display is the work of Huntington Village’s sole homeless woman. Although she likes to shit behind many of the restaurants in town, she does her best work each and everyday on the wall of the chamber of commerce.

Top-Todd at Google

For grins, I checked the status of my rankings on various search engines.

Searching for Todd Harris

Google: top hit
Altavista: top hit
Yahoo: top hit
Overture: 3rd hit

I handily beat out Todd Harris, the sportscaster, as well as Todd Harris, the pool and playground equipment salesman. Schweet.