If you can’t fly you might as well take the train.

Who said our nation’s railways were no longer useful?

I was coming home from town today when I spotted these brand spanking new Boeing jets in transit on the local rail line.

I don’t know where they were from (Seattle area?) or where they were going (Wichita perhaps?) but it was pretty cool to see them up close and personal.

The amazing thing was the complete lack of security. You can bet if these were late model cars that they would have already collected an impressive amount of graffiti.

Lion cubs!

Lion cubs!

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Audrey was shooting some photos for our friend and neighbor, John Banovich.

John is putting out a book of his artwork and had flown in some lion cubs for the cover. I stopped in at the shoot for a bit to watch the cubs romp around in the late afternoon sun. Amazing experience to be able to hold one of these animals.