Day 7: epic

There are so many bad things in this world I thought today I’d focus on some of the good things.

Love, that’s pretty good. Beer, of course, is good, especially with a slice of pizza. Huge glassy waves on remote rivers are good. Books. Golden retrievers, except when they hog the bed and take over all the pillows.

And snow. Lots of snow. Ridiculous and absurd amounts of snow:

Day 7: Snow Plowing gomers destroying my line on Sunnyside: posted to my Flickr account.

Today was seriously epic. Certainly not the deepest pow I’ve ever skied. 10″ or so new, blown in to knee deep in places. But lovely texture and absolutely no crowds. Headed straight to Motherlode for first tracks on Fool’s Gold, Gold Rush, Mountainside Meadows. Single Jack to Thaynes. The trees off of Keystone over and over and over (stellar). The Desert (!). Crescent from the very top.

So tired but I couldn’t stop. Just one more, just one more.

Day 6: More Pow

7:28 AM. It’s snowing.

Listening to the snow report right now. Deer Valley is reporting 6 new overnight and 55 groomed runs. WTF are they thinking? Oh well, at least it keeps the Texans up there.

PC is reporting 20″ new from this storm, 10″ overnight. Jupiter Peak is on snow hold. I’m boiling up some steel cut oatmeal right now. Should be a good day.

Guess where?

Day 5: New pow and wind holds

Finally got motivated to get on the hill. 10″ of super wet and heavy snow. Arrived at the summit amid super heavy winds, just in time to see the lift status marquee flip from green to red: bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing.

Headed down to the crowds at Payday for a few runs, then the town runs. So much snow on Empire that I just skied down the middle of the road from the town lift.

Brr cold.

10″ of heavy, heavy snow, the kind you barely sink into when you walk on it. With it right at the rain/snow interface in town and a heavy wind warning, it’s hard to get motivated. Jupe and Pinecone are on a snow-hold and with winds like this I highly doubt they’ll be opening today. Might just be a day to get coffeed up at the yurt!