Salt Lake Tribune

There was a picture of me in the Sunday edition of the Salt Lake
Tribune discussing the opening of the Apple Store at the Gateway
center. The photo was on the front page of the Utah section!

Todd Harris, of Park City, listens to an iPod
nano Saturday at the Apple store in The Gateway.
Harris was one of the first shoppers at the new store.
(Ashley Franscell/The Salt Lake Tribune)


SLC Apple store opening

Finally, salt lake is getting an Apple store! The grand opening is this
morning. the location is one of the best I’ve seen, north end of the
gateway center right by the olympic plaza. Amazing exposure.
This is my fifth grand opening that I’ve been to
1. Soho, New York
2. Ginza, Tokyo
3. Walt Whitman, Huntington NY
4. Roosevelt Field, Massepequa, NY
5. SLC!