Eerie Kurt Russell sighting

I ran into a friend of mine who — for some reason, today only — looked exactly look Kurt Russell. The only word I could think of to describe the encounter was “eerie”.

It’s not really eerie to look like Kurt Russell, is it? I mean, he’s an accomplished actor. Used Cars? Escape From New York? Big Trouble in Little China? Backdraft? Stargate? STARGATE!

Cheers, James.

A friend of mine died this weekend. About 9 months ago or so he’d been diagnosed with stomach cancer. He’d opted out of treatment.

The last time I saw him, he had an eerie calm about him.

James was about the first person I met in Park City. He told me big stories about his past, some hair-raising tales about his time in the military, central America, scary covert stuff.

I never really knew how much to believe. One alcohol-soaked night, we were debating some obscure point. James reached out and in a flash clocked me in the chest. His stories may have been half truth and half bullshit, but I stumbled out of the No Name that night gasping for air.

Rock on, James.