Ladderback Woodpecker

I’ve been seeing a number of different woodpeckers at my caged suet feeder recently, single or in pairs.

I’m not exactly sure on their identification yet, but I think they are either 3-toed, Downy, or Ladderback Woodpeckers.


Overrun by starlings

My feeder is quickly being overrun by starlings. They come as a huge flock and roost in the tree by the feeder then swarm in in groups of 5 or 10. I thought I solved this problem by avoiding seed that has sunflower seeds in it. The latest bag of seed I purchased has cracked corn in it which they seem to like even more than the sunflower seeds. 2 lbs to go.

Western scrub jays

So I now know that I have had two different jays at my feeder. The first is a Western scrub jay. The second is a Stellar’s Jay. The Stellar’s jays are very agressive and tend to scoop all the seed out onto the ground in search of the sunflower seeds. I’ve now switched to a mix that has shelled seeds and no sunflower seeds to try and keep this at a minimum….