Obama can't win the "white vote?"

I, for one, am seriously sick of the Clinton campaign playing the race card but acting like they aren’t.

Since they can’t get anything to stick to Obama, they’re now attacking his electability. Specious arguments that she’s won the big critical states make absolutely no sense. They must think we’re all idiots.

And because Clinton has won West Virginia, we’re led to believe that Obama can’t win the “white vote?” This isn’t about winning the “white vote.” (Sorry, I have to keep putting it in quotes because it is so ridiculous.) Ever hear of UTAH? Well, Obama won Utah. And I can tell you this: there aren’t a whole helluva lot of African Americans in Utah. African Americans make up 0.8% of the entire Utah population.

Clearly, this is an issue of intelligence, not race. West Virginia is the most poorly educated state in the country. They’re dumb enough to vote for someone completely disconnected from their plight. What’s more, to vote against someone because of the color of their skin? Lovely.


  1. says

    Wait, Obama is African American??? Sorry, I don’t see color.

    Why is everyone so consumed by this whole Clintobama fight? Have you forgotten about the Republicans? Am I the only who still hasn’t given up on Romney?

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