Yomping Rainbow Wildlife

This past week has been phenomenal for wildlife viewing from the studio. The past week, I’ve been testing a pair of Canon 10×30 binoculars with image stabilization. I have to say, I’m hooked – the quality is amazing.

Here’s a running list of animals we’ve seen in the neighboorhood.

  • mule deer
  • white-tail deer
  • elk
  • foxes
  • skunks
  • gophers
  • coyotes
  • bunnies
  • garter snakes
  • birds
  • golden retrievers
    • meadowlarks
    • robins
    • bluebirds
    • great blue heron
    • kestrels
    • cranes
    • great white pelicans
    • osprey
    • golden eagles
    • bald eagles
    • hungarian partridges

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