Santa Fe, NM USA (22-25 Dec 2006)

Audrey and I are down in New Mexico visiting Odeta and Larry. There's a massive blizzard hammering New Mexico right now. We had an epic trip. Audrey was going to fly into Albequerque from Billings a day before. I was going to fly in the next day from Salt Lake City. Due to the blizzard in New Mexico and Colorado, Audrey's flights were cancelled. She was able to reschedule a day AFTER a was to arrive in ABQ. The following day, some -- but not all -- of my connections were cancelled. After literally 12 hours on the phone with United, I finally got through. They wouldn't be able to get me to ABQ before Christmas, arriving days after our connecting flights to Kansas City. I cancelled the itinerary on the spot. The next day, we spent hours and hours trying to get though to United to cancel Audrey's itinerary. We finally made it down to the land of enchantment via car, with the mutt in tow. It's amazing to be here when there is a lot of snow.