Installing Tracks, Ruby-based GTD software

Quick start installation guide for Tracks GTD management software.

[todd@micos ~:263]$ cd ~/src/
[todd@micos src:264]$ curl -O
[todd@micos src:265]$ cd ../projects/
[todd@micos projects:266]$ tar xzf ../src/tracks*

# Set up a suitable mysql database
[todd@micos projects:267]$ mysql -uroot -p
mysql> CREATE DATABASE tracks;
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON tracks.* TO todd@localhost \

# Setup config files
[todd@micos projects:268]$ cd tracks-1.041/config
[todd@micos config:269]$
[todd@micos config:270]$ cp database.yml.template database.yml
[todd@micos config:271]$ cp environment.rb.template environment.rb
# edit the production and development sections as appropriate)
[todd@micos config:272]$ emacs config database.yml
# Change the “SALT” directive to something unique
[todd@micos config:273]$ emacs config/environment.rb
[todd@micos config:274]$ cd ../
[todd@micos tracks-1.041:275]$ mv log.tmpl log

# From the main tracks directory
[todd@micos tracks-1.041:276]$ rake migrate
[todd@micos tracks-1.041:277]$ ruby script/server -e production


  1. says

    My organization is hosting Tracks for free and intends to keep it that way. We are rolling out a site and some modifications but there have been a few hosts sprouting up recently and we would like to get this out to the public. If you would like a free account please navigate to:

    The name will be changed shortly and there will be new features and supporting documentation.

    If you have an existing Tracks install and would like to move to a hosted model please contact and we can help you move your data.

    Kevin Rosenjack
    BrightPool LLC

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