Budapest, Vienna, Prague (05.13.2006 – 05.24.2006)

This was a fantastic itinerary. Easy travelling, perfect time of year. Being able to compare the old areas of Budapest, Vienna, and Prague within a short time frame is a great way to see the area. They are all suprisingly different. Prasky hrad (the old castle in Praha) may be the argest castle complex in europe. Still, I found Vareghy in Buda to be more interesting. For one, there is still a living, working town within the castle walls of Vareghy. The Hapsburg complex in Vienna exudes an extraordinary degree of refinement which comes alive even more so in early morning and late afternoon sun. But the convoluted streets of the Stare Mesto in Praha are unmatched by either Budapest or Vienna. Daily summary:
5.13.2006 Left JFK for Budapest
5.14.2006 Arrived Budapest. Explored Vaci utca, Raday Utca, and District V
5.15.2006 Wandered around Vareghy in Buda
5.16.2006 Walked up and around Andrassy utca to the City Park, and took the waters at Szechenyi Furdo
5.17.2006 Early train from Buda to Wien. Quick survey of Innere Stadt
5.18.2006 Walked around Hofsburg area and Innere Stadt of Wien
5.19.2006 Train to Breclav, C.R. and connection to Praha. Wandered Stare Mesto
5.20.2006 Explored Stare Mesto -- old town area of Prague, Jewish quarter, etc
5.21.2006 Walked through Prazky Hrady (Prague Castle) in AM, Mala Strana in PM
5.22.2006 Canvassed beautiful, leafy, residential aread of Vinrhady up through Wencelas Square. PM walked through Karlova area.
5.23.2006 Long train ride from Praha to Buda, gulyas for dinner
5.24.2006 BUD -> JFK -> SLC -> PC

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