equality? relative deprivation?

I was having dinner tonight and struck up a conversation with a fellow patron, someone younger than I who clearly made more money and had a deep sense of entitlement. I pushed the issue a bit but backed off when it was clear he couldn't justify even a fraction of his wages, using simple arguments about the profit margins of the company, his contribution, etc. I used to get riled up about people who made more money than me for jobs that leave no lasting mark on humanity and contribute nothing of any value to society. I'm much too experienced now to care about such trivialities. I'm also not so naive to believe that science is a purely altruistic enterprise. Still, I believe in the overall scientific process, both as a vehicle for discovery as well as a worthy way for seeing the world. Approach everything with an open mind. Observe. Learn. The forum doesn't matter, the subject matter isn't important. Collect the facts. Maybe it's food you've never tried before, a book you don't think you would like, or a situation you feel timid about. Maybe I should be a scientologist? PS. It's snowing in Park City tonight. I'm eating lentils and rice with my feet propped up on the window sill drinking wine from a box.