Code, jet lag, beer

Arrived in Zurich around 7:30 AM. Navigated my way from the Flughaven to the central station where I met up with Lukas Reiter, one of Mir's grad students. The McToilets in the Bahnof are not to be missed. Super clean and super efficient, providing a peaceful quiet environment to rest after a long flight and do your thing. Don't miss them! Crashed my way through the first wave of jet lag by writing lots of code and thinking about the proteomics data model with Lukas up at the University. It's eerily silent, this being easter weekend. It's now 9PM and I'm wide awake. Imbibing so that I might sleep. Drinking Ittinger Kloserbrau. Random thought: The ubiquitous travel experience: how the hell does this shower/toilet work?