Park City SUCKS!

Park City Mountain Resort seriously sucks. A big part of this is because of how the mountain is laid out.

So this is the SECOND YEAR in a row that one of the major access lifts has broken. Again, it is some totally unanticipated problem with the “gearbox”, a problem that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend keeping parts on hand for. Given the performance of these lifts, I’d keep an extra gearbox around.

In 2004-2005, the Silverlode lift was down for weeks. Now BONANZA is down and they think it is going to take a week to get it fixed.

Typically, I only ride Bonanza once a day to get access to the upper part of the mountain. I avoid the base of the mountain payday circus like the plague.

Now you have to ride Town->Ski-Team->Silverlode to get access to Jupiter. Lame lame lame.


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