Intellectual Lineages


Several years ago, WormBase began collecting detailed intellectual pedigrees for members of the community. To display the large degree of collaboration within the community, I created a directed acyclic graph that depicts the following relationships:

  • PI <-> Post doc
  • PI <-> Grad student
  • PI <-> Masters
  • PI <-> Undergraduate
  • Worked with
  • Collaborated with

About the image

The Y-axis displays years, with the apex of the graph positioned at 1970. Only individuals that have bibliographic or lineage data contained in WormBase as of 5/2005 are displayed on the graph. Individuals are placed on the Y-axis according to the year the first entered the community. This is determined as the earliest year of either the first paper or meeting abstract published or drawn from
lineage data, if it exists. The position on the X-axis is arbitrary, calculated using an energy minimization algorithm to restrict the number of intersecting lines.


Viewing the image

Your browser may try to load either the EPS or SVG links directly. Few browsers, however, can correctly render the entire image. Due to its size and complexity, it is recommended to download the image and view it offline in a vector-based editing program such as Adobe Illustrator.


EPS (encapsulated postscript)
SVG (scalable vector graphics)

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