CSHL, NY, USA: Stein retreat and Biology Of Genomes

Leaving today for a week at Cold Spring Harbor, 1st for the Stein/Ware lab retreat, and then for the Biology Of Genomes meeting. Should be a great week!

Just turned down an offer for a $400 voucher for the SLC->JFK leg. Would get in to JFK four hours late, but after a flight to LA and a layover. Just didn’t seem worth it…

Seattle, WA, USA (04.24.2006 – 04.27.2006)

I spent the past few days in Seattle, attending a strategy session for the modENCODE project. I had an afternoon to walk around downtown at the Public Market and through the design stores in Belltown.

Stopped in at Peter Miller books where I nearly had a heart attack looking through all of the cool books. I escaped by purchasing a single LAMY mechanical pencil.

A few photos:

The Space Needle from Belltown.

An impromptu seminar from Marc Vidal in Bob Waterston’s backyard. Fabio Piano looks on in obvious amusement.