Santa Fe, NM USA (28-30 Dec 2006)

Back in Santa Fe. *Another* winter storm is hammering the state.

Arrived in ABQ literally moments ahead of the storm. Driving back to Santa Fe was super treacherous. Snowed in since then as the snow just keeps coming down. Took a quick trip into the plaza for a little photo safari.

I-25 and I-40 are completely shut down.

Finally cleared on the afternoon of the 30th and we ventured back to Park City.

Santa Fe, NM USA (22-25 Dec 2006)

Audrey and I are down in New Mexico visiting Odeta and Larry. There’s a massive blizzard hammering New Mexico right now.

We had an epic trip. Audrey was going to fly into Albequerque from Billings a day before. I was going to fly in the next day from Salt Lake City.

Due to the blizzard in New Mexico and Colorado, Audrey’s flights were cancelled. She was able to reschedule a day AFTER a was to arrive in ABQ. The following day, some — but not all — of my connections were cancelled. After literally 12 hours on the phone with United, I finally got through. They wouldn’t be able to get me to ABQ before Christmas, arriving days after our connecting flights to Kansas City. I cancelled the itinerary on the spot. The next day, we spent hours and hours trying to get though to United to cancel Audrey’s itinerary.

We finally made it down to the land of enchantment via car, with the mutt in tow. It’s amazing to be here when there is a lot of snow.

Water Puff

Wow. I just endured an amazing puff piece on water issues in the West. Entitled Desert Wars: Water and The West, it’s quite possibly the biggest propaganda piece I’ve ever watched on water in the west. I link to it only for indexing results, it’s hardly even worth the click-through.

The program taps such authorities as a history professor at UNLV (who keeps reminding us about our misconceptions regarding Las Vegas’ water use) to the clearly unbiased water development and public relations folks of Las Vegas (“We’re always striving for unique ways to be better water stewards” – like placing flyers on people’s doors).

After half-heartedly interviewing the clearly backwards alfalfa growers in the rural regions of Utah and Nevada, Desert Wars concludes that water usage problems are due to agriculture and not at all to Las Vegas’ explosive growth. Huh? Who funded this, the Bush administration “EPA”?

Production wise, Desert Wars is a complete disaster. The voice over script is terrible, consisting of one-liners clearly recorded and perhaps even spliced together one-by-one. There is no logical flow from one sentence to another.

How the producer ever got funding to make this project after the truly brilliant “Cadillac Desert” book and documentary is beyond me. Where have you gone, Marc Reisner?