Playa de Gafas Perdidos

Up way before dawn. Sat on the beach to watch the day appear. The beach is pitted with crab burrow bomb craters, 9/10 of which face the shore, 1/10 inland. Hmm…

Yoga sun salutations followed by a fun boogie boarding session with some big, BIG closing waves. One of which displaced my glasses which were gone instantly.

Due to this we rename Boca de Iguanas, “Playa de Gafas Perdidos”, or G.P. for short. Sigh.

Hop on the road heading north toward Puerto Vallarta. So sad to have stopped our southern migration. Quickstop at Tomatlan for pollo asado, the first of the trip. There is deathly ill looking cat laying in near our table. I hope it isn’t a sign.

Arrive in the quaint yet heavily gringo-ized town of Sayulita around 4 PM. Find a nice but precious B+B right in town ~ $140 USD/night.

Showers/beers then fish tacos by the central square. I can see myself kicking it here for awhile. ¿Es possible?

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