You CAN go back

Barre de Navidad -> Manzanillo -> Boca de Iguanas

Collectively (and independently) we’ve all decided that we have had enough of Barre De Navidad.

We take a quick stroll around town looking for desayuno – or just coffee for God’s sake – but there is none to be had. Town is quiet and peaceful.

Speed check out of the Bel Aires has us back on the road headed south to the port town of Mananillo (*not* to be confused with it’s prettier cousin La Manzanilla to the north).

Manzanillo is a commercial port and also a port of call for big cruise ships. The centro is compact and attractive for a big city, with houses built on steep terraces extending up the hillsides.

We shop for a bit amongst throngs of tourists buying trinkets made of shells and plastic and most likely made in China. A very strange scene. Manage to sample some tamarindo candy which I can honestly say is one of the few things I’ve every tasted that I just couldn’t stand.

Drive back to La Manzanilla for lunch. Lots of houses for sale in both this area and Boca de Iguanas – some very cool houses, too.

Filete de pescado served in the empanizado style on the beach and some reprovisioning, we decide to do what cannot be done – we decide to return to Boca de Iguanas to recpature the magic.

It’s every bit as good and deserted as the first night. A few languid hours are spent on the beach followed by a few hours in the water riding some crashy, brutal waves.

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