Boca De Iguanas -> La Manzanilla -> Barre De Navidad


Sun salutations with yoga on the beach followed by cool showers. Slow start. Off down the coast to La Manzanilla for breakfast of huevos rancheros.

Cute little beach town – not as big or tourist oriented as Tenacitita which by comparison seems like a shanty town erected for the sole purpose of eating and drinking on the beach.

Continued south to Melaque where I was actually able to get a data signal – first time so far in Mexico. (NOTE: data access ended up costing me a BUNDLE).

After resupplying, headed south on to Barre De Navidad, a complete gringo party town on a small spit of land. At the very end of the spit is a pedestrian walkway providing stellar vies of the ultimate beginner surf wave.

Grabbed a room at the Bel Aires hotel then out for PM beers on the beach. Ended up watching the sunset from the rooftop bar of the hotel talking with the general manager Javier.

Finally headed out for dinner. Sample Lava Pot, a spicy stew pot concoction served in a steaming hot lava rock bowl and a local speciality. Really good.

Awoke at 3 to sounds of bad tunes than at 5 to garbage trucks. Although BdN is a cute town, I don’t think I need to visit again unless visiting the awesome looking hotel across the lagoon on Isla Navidad…

S, S, and I unanimously agreed that a second night in BdN would be a mistake. So onwards…


  1. Susan Cameron says

    Hi, Good to read your blog. I was wondering what airline flies to Mansenillo and if that city has any high schools. What was the price of the hotel in barre de navidad? I would apprediate any info. Thanks. Susan
    PS. I also have a Ph.D from U. of Michigan

  2. tharris says

    Hi Susan –

    Thanks for your comments! I've never flown into Manzanillo itself, only driven down from Puerto Vallarta. There are several flights per day on multiple airlines. You would still be several hours drive away from Manzanillo, however.

    There are many, many hotels in Barre de Navidad, and from the looks of it, there is probably a pretty good range of prices, too. I can't remember exactly how much we paid but it was pretty nominal – maybe $40/night?

    Hope this helps!

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