First Mirror Project Entry

I just had my first picture accepted to The Mirror Project.  Cool!

I took this while driving from utah to colorado a few years ago.

Rawlins, Wyoming

Escape from Zion

Summer. Heat. I must escape the stifling political climate of Utah. Must find rivers. The ritual pilgrimage begins. My car begrudgingly crawls out of the Salt Lake valley, past Park City and its Olympic blight, up onto the high wind swept plateaus of Wyoming. The thread of I-80 connects me to my salvation – the rivers and cheap beer of Colorado! The miles roll by: Evanston, Green River, Rock Springs. By Rawlins, my dogs are barkin’ and my trusty steed is in need of a waterin’. 5, 10 minutes tops, 32 oz of mountain dew, some fritos, and one photo, and we’re back on the road to Fort Collins.

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